Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dinner Plate Dahlias: Parallels in Life

These dinner plate dahlias are perhaps one of the largest dahlias in existence. With blooms as big as 10 inches, they are huge. They are beautiful.

Ironically,they are incapable of staying upright. The stems are just too thin to support the gigantic heads and like the picture below, if they are not supported, those beautiful blooms end up facing the ground. 

Waxing philosophical for a moment, I think that this can be analogous to life. Human beings tend to want more...  Bigger houses, more money, more power. As we strive for these things however, it's important to grow the "stem" as well. Strengthen the foundation, so that when the "big" things come, we are able to stay rooted, upright, and actually enjoy these goals as they come true. 

An alternative thought is that perhaps we should not expend all our energy striving for the "big" things. Smaller blooms that are able to stand tall may be even better than large blooms facing the soil. 

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