Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To Kill or Not to Kill: Dilemma on the Deck

You stand tall and proud in your home. Likely brought there by an unknowing bird, you are growing rapidly into a handsome young tree with a bright future. The only problem is... You really do not belong there. Someday you will grow tall and big. It is inevitable. When that happens, you will destroy the very home that housed you.  The pot which seems nice and cozy for you at the moment will someday break from your mature roots. 

We have been mulling this over for a few weeks now. Trying to get the consensus of the family on what to do. You seem happy and content, but what you don't know is...We are contemplating your death, or transfer to another place.

The kids love you. They somehow must see you as a part of the family, having seen you from your young age. I think we'll end up keeping you for a little while, or a long while. We'll figure something out when you grow up. Take it one year at a time. Maybe we can donate you to a park when we can't house you anymore. For now though, you'll be with us...

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